Mining for the masses

Our story about how a passionate bunch team set out to build extraordinary mining rigs for the masses.

A Time Ago…

Our journey began when we began by mining ourselves in an empty office unit.

We realised the potential of cryptocurrency and set out to start mining.  The existing solutions available on the market were lacking in build quality, aftercare service, and mining efficiency. After months of hardwork and countless cups of coffee we nailed the key to building a powerhouse of a mining rig.

Building A Better Rig

We provide high quality, plug and play cryptocurrency mining rigs packaged up in a purpose built case.

Super simple, plug and play mining rigs delivered to your door. Our rigs are robust, long-lasting and absolutely effortless. We do all the hard work of building rigs and setting up the software so you can flick a switch and start mining. The GPU Miner is on a mission to make mining accessible to all.

The Team

Our team has a versatile skill set with backgrounds in engineering, economics, financial planning and accounting.

Our specialist team has built over 349 off-the-shelf mining rigs and have completed 4 large mining farm projects. We continue to mine and trade cryptocurrency and will be at the forefront of the industry.

Mining Calculator

Take a look at our mining calculator to estimate how much you could be earning whilst you sleep. A simple and clear calculation.

Low Cost Rig Hosting

We can provide you with low-cost rig hosting for your GPU miners and ASICS. Discover more here.

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