Mining Rig Hosting

S9/D3/L3/ASIC & GPU Miners

We’re excited to launch our purpose built, state-of-the-art mining facility.

A simple price to get rid of the headaches of mining at home such as noise and heat

No large upfront investment required for wiring, cooling or finding the space your home

Established operation allowing you to scale your operations rapidly

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For a limited time we’re offering miners a special introductory price from £70 per KW per MONTH

Why is hosting at home a problem?


Miner’s generated heat which can be unpleasant and potentially be a fire risk at home.


85dB of sound is the equavilent of having a high-powered hairdryer on 24/7.  


Miner’s need a clean, dust free environment to run efficiently with constant monitoring.


The massive power requirements of mining rigs may overload your home circuits.

How we can help you

Simple & Transparent

Predictable Pricing

No more complex pricing. Rock-bottom pricing made simple with a flat pricing structure so you’ll always know what you pay each month.

Secure & Reliable

24 hrs, 7 Days a Week

Purpose built cryptocurrency mining facility fitted with cutting edge technology specifically design for hosting mining rigs.  24/7 security and world-class technical support.

The Ultimate Solution

Effortless & Green

We provide an all-in-one hosting solution for your mining rigs. You don’t need to invest your time, or money into expensive wiring and cooling for your mining rigs. We host your rigs at our green-energy powered mining facility.


We believe in keeping things simple. That’s why we offer a simple, flat-pricing structure so you know exactly what you are going to pay per month.


Cost per KW
Bitmain S9
Bitmain L3+
Bitmain D3+
850w GPU Miner


Cost per KW : £110
Bitmain S9 : £120
Bitmain L3+ : £100
Bitmain D3+ : £120
850w GPU Miner: £100

Half Year

Every 6 Months
Cost per KW : £105
Bitmain S9 : £115
Bitmain L3+ : £95
Bitmain D3+ : £115
850w GPU Miner: £95

Full Year

Every Year
Cost per KW : £100
Bitmain S9 : £110
Bitmain L3+ : £90
Bitmain D3+ : £110
850w GPU Miner: £90

A large number of rigs?

If you have over 100 rigs that need hosting, contact us for bespoke pricing.

But isn’t it cheaper to host my own miners?

If you’ve got the space and want to put up with the noise and heat it could be cheaper. However, if you need to use some space, or invest in re-wiring or cooling you’d probably be better of hosting with us.

For example…

Let’s say you wish to host 10 miners but need to carry out work of £20,000 for wiring and cooling, rent for the space, security and fire safety equipment. Your cost per KW is £0.12 and the total combined power consumption of 10 miners is 15KW per hour.

You’d be paying £20,000 upfront and have a monthly cost of £1,314. If you had hosted with us, you’d pay an all in fee of £1,650 per month. The additional cost of £336 per month is £4,332 per year. Now, if we factor in the upfront investment required, you be saving money home mining after 4.5 years. If you consider the lost mining time getting set up, alternative use of space and the headache of getting your home upgraded, managing cooling, etc – having your miner hosted really is a no-brainer.

Mining Rig Hosting

We provide a simple, scalable solution for hosting cryptocurrency mining rigs such as your S9, D3, L3 and GPU miners.

Whether you are looking to host one rig, or ten thousand. The GPU Miner makes mining simple by providing an all-in-one solution for your hosting needs.

For a limited time, we’re offering an introductory offer for those who register interest today.